Before leaving college, I believed the best way to get more conversions is by spending thousands to millions of dollars per month on paid advertisements, whether it’s on social media, search engines, press, or influencers.

If you think about it, it feels like it makes sense that you have to pay to play, but after going through Y combinator startup school, I realized that’s BS.

I do believe that paid advertisement has an essential role in growing your business, but it’s not the reason your business will succeed.

What matters is focusing on making a product so great, your users…

When Elon Musk was asked about the successful growth of PayPal, this is what he had to say:

“I didn’t expect PayPal’s growth rate to be what it was. After the first month or so of the website being active, we had 100,000 customers.”

If you haven’t heard of this, why isn’t this legendary growth hack in the marketing hall of fame? Like… really?

The internet was only a baby, but that didn’t stop Elon from reaching out.

Even if social media wasn’t a thing at the time, PayPal reached a market capitalization of $46.6 billion USD back in 2015!

Marc Thibodeau

I know a thing or two about tech start-ups, inbound marketing, front-end design & blockchain tech. Tweet me @marcthibs

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